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The Copyright Protection Service, established by an Arts Council funded site with leading companies involved, enables you to upload your work to securely protect and date your copyright in minutes. Copyright specialists Silverman Sherliker named as "a leader in their field" by leading legal directory Chambers, calls our service an "advanced innovation" to safeguard your rights and provide up to an hour's free copyright advice for registered members including if you ever feel your copyright has been infringed. It is free to join the site and only £24.99 to register up to TEN pieces of your work for 3 years. Protect your copyright with confidence - independently and securely date witnessed by our service with free expert legal advice.

How the site works - the work in your chosen creative area is uploaded by you or your representative by clicking on the button to Register Your Work on our secure online pages. Our site pages use the same industry standard security that ecommerce organizations including banks use to maintain their customers transactions. A unique encrypted fingerprint is then attached to your work by our system. This fingerprint was invented and endorsed in 1993 by US government standards agency the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and is used in ecommerce throughout the world. The fingerprint – technical name SHA-1 – is categorically used to confirm that work content has not been altered. University research has shown it would take a super-computer over 32,000 years to duplicate a SHA-1. Together with the registration date of your uploaded work on our service this independently witnesses and categorically confirms that your work content existed as uploaded by you on the date registered if ever required in a court of law. You can show your secure page for your registered work to your legal professional adviser at any time if required. The secure page displays the date you registered your work, and also your uploaded file with its encrypted fingerprint, which can together be used by any legal professional to independently show both the date of your work's registration, and confirm through its unique fingerprint the content of the work that existed upon the registration date. Further, if you then ever need help protecting your copyright in the future and do not have a legal adviser, the Intellectual Property Team of Silverman Sherliker, named by leading directory Chambers as “a leader in their field” as above provide up to an hour's free advice as outlined if you have registered your work with the Copyright Protection Service. This gives you security of mind to help protect the work you have created and worked upon.