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Register Your Work Online

You can register your work online using our simple and secure process.  There are 5 steps in total which include:

  1. Registering your contact details
  2. Enter the details of the work you are uploading
  3. Upload your work file
  4. Confirm your details. Our system will securely save and date record the registration of your work so you can access our site anytime on a private page to demonstrate independent proof of the creation of your work as required.
  5. Make payment online through our secure payment page.

Registration Fees
The charge for online registration of your work is £24.99 for 3 years or £37.99 for 5 years. This can be extended if required which will keep the secure record and content of your original file upload and the date of the original file upload registered.

To register your work now, click the continue button below.